Tips on how to survive allergy season

Oh, joy to be having itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, dark circles and watery eyes! During this time, we get so many unhappy people looking for relief, so they can simply BREATHE and not have to be constantly rubbing their eyes. In all reality, allergies are the reason The Salt Station was opened. We want to help people in our community get relief from their allergies just like our family has, thanks to salt therapy. Salt therapy is a fantastic alternative to allergy medicine and allergy shots. Our members with allergies have been able to stop taking medicine and shots. So, they aren’t suffering through the allergy season like they use to. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, we would recommend coming in for 3 salt therapy sessions per week, over a consistent period. There are also other precautions you can take at home to keep the pollen, dust and dander at a minimum.

  1. Keep your windows closed and change your air filters frequently.
  2. Avoid outdoor activities and sports if your allergies get worse being outside for long periods of time. If you play outdoor sports and can’t avoid it, then try not to be outside when there is a high pollen count – which is typically between 5am and 10am. So, playing in the afternoon would be best.
  3. Hot, dry days will have higher pollen count than cold, rainy days. Keep this in mind while making outdoor plans.
  4. Change your clothes once you get home from an outing. Pollen likes to stick to fabric.
  5. Take daily night baths if you spend time outdoors, as this removes pollen that has saturated your face or body.
  6. Wash your sheets, pillow cases, and comforters often.
  7. Keep your pets out of the bedroom.
  8. Ceiling fans – turn them off. They move the dust in the room around.

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