Back to School

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and the start of a new school year is just around the corner. For many children, a new school year means exposure to more germs leading to more colds. Elementary school children have an average of 8 to 12 colds a year! Often those colds are passed on to parents, siblings and caregivers, leading to missed school and work.

Many people wait until the coughing and sneezing has started and then treat the symptoms with over the counter medicines and nose sprays. At The Salt Station, we believe in a different philosophy – prevention. Salt halotherapy is an all-natural way to keep your family healthy by preventing colds and boosting their immune system. The micro-particles of dry salt dispersed in the air are absorbent and act like a sponge, attracting foreign substances along their path through the respiratory tract. This cleansing of the respiratory system naturally results in an improved immune system, higher oxygen intake and increased energy. In fact, halotherapy is the only known method of cleaning and detoxing the lungs. Exposure to pollutants, bacteria and allergens is unavoidable, but salt halotherapy helps counteract that negative exposure and leads to better lung function and thus better overall health.

_BEN1722Help boost your child’s immune system this back to school season in The Salt Station’s ocean-themed children’s treatment room. The 40-minute session flies by as they play in the Himalayan salt that covers the floor. An accompanying adult in the room also reaps all the benefits of salt therapy. Come in to The Salt Station for your first salt halotherapy treatment!

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