Athletic Recovery

You strive to beat your fastest times, lift more and play harder. You work your body to its limits to achieve your goals. You pay attention to your body’s response to training and give your muscles rest when needed. But have you stopped to think about how your lungs and respiratory system play a key role in your athletic endeavors? Have you thought about what you can do to keep your lungs healthy, clear and functioning to their maximum capacity?Homepage-runners

Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free method of cleansing and detoxing your lungs and respiratory system. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of salt clear mucus, pollutants and allergens from your airways and help restore the natural function of the lung’s cilia. Salt therapy improves your performance because a clean respiratory system results in better lung function, increased oxygen carrying capacity (VO2 max) and clearer airways. These vital performance enhancers will help you run faster, increase your stamina and raise your energy levels.

Incorporating salt therapy into your training routine helps cleanse your lungs, rejuvenate your mind and relax your body. You will leave the 45-minute session in the Canyon Room ready to go further, run faster and increase your intensity. Visit The Salt Station today for a session – the only side effects are achieving your goals and setting the bar even higher!


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