About Us




A trained mechanical engineer, Heather Veeravagu spent her career using creative problem-solving skills to help make peoples’ lives better.


So when her husband and young children continually suffered from allergies and sinus problems in South Florida, Heather got to work. She knew she needed to find a natural alternative to the drugs, pills and sprays she was using to keep their symptoms at bay. And what she found was amazing—salt halotherapy! Her family saw immediate results from the treatments, and she knew she was on to something good.

The ability for salt halotherapy to naturally help heal so many people and enrich their lives in a holistic way greatly inspired her. After spending 10 years at home caring for her young children, Heather decided to re-launch her career by opening The Salt Station in Boynton Beach.

Heather is excited to open her small business to service the local community. The mission for The Salt Station is to provide health, wellness and athletic benefits to all customers from young children to seniors to hardcore triathletes. A natural extrovert, Heather loves interacting with people, so come in today and talk to her about the many health benefits you can enjoy at The Salt Station!